La Scalinata …

… is my latest shawl pattern designed exclusively for Unfilodi-Knit House in Italy. Luisa de Angeli, the owner of this extra-elegant yarn shop, contacted me some time ago, asking for a pattern that would work with as many colorways as possible and that would look equally well in bold, striking colors as it would in soft, faded tones. I am always in for a challenge and I knew that the yarn provided by Luisa would be of the highest quality and so it was. A few days later, I received 3 skeins Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles and a skein and a mini skein of TreLiz Zeus in these vibrant, brilliant colors.

Photo Credits: Unfilodi-Knit House

Luisa had decided on the colors, based on a photo that I chose among many others that she had already sent to me, a little staircase full of colorful baskets, one of those places so typical on the Mediterranean coasts; and that is the brilliant idea behind La Scalinata! A true Mystery Kit composed of a pattern and the yarn assorted by Luisa especially for each customer, based on a the colors of a picture that the customer indicates. I think it’s obvious why I called this pattern La Scalinata (the staircase) and why it has been such a huge success among Luisa’s customers.


I really, really enjoyed every moment of the process: deciding on the stitch pattern, the order of the colors and knitting the prototype has been an experience full of surprises for me, too. As the stole grew bigger and bigger I was more excited to find out where this staircase would lead me.  I added a tassel on each of the four corners of my Scalinata as a touch of fun; mine has turned out to be a boho style shawl, but each of the shawls created out of this Mystery Kit© will have its own personality to express. I will come back with pictures of the shawls created by the Unfilodi customers who bought this Mystery Kit© and you will see what I mean. For me, it’s been a challenge and a pleasure so I hope you will enjoy it as much, too!


One thought on “La Scalinata …

  1. Pam Perkins

    Maria, I love the lace, always high on my list, It is wonderful. Can’t wait to see more of them as they finish.

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