These days …

… I am getting ready for some serious autumn pattern releasing! Yes, I know, it’s only August 2, but, trust me, one has to plan ahead, so that patterns get written and edited, prototypes get created, test knitting KALS happen and everything is ready on time.


Although my head in full of new ideas and interesting challenges, I do not consider myself a prolific designer. I just cannot produce 10 patterns per month, because I like to knit my own prototypes and I am not an octopus and I do not like to push my test knitters into testing 2 or 3 designs at the same time. I take the pleasure of writing the pattern and then knitting the prototype, I later run the test knitting and take pictures to post on Ravelry and launch the new design. This process may be time-consuming but it is also both work and pleasure for me and I wouldn’t change it for anything!


In between creating new designs, I also take the pleasure of doing some selfish knitting: I usually make garments for myself out from some other designers’ patterns, like the one I knit recently: a cotton top that featured in last year’s Vogue Knitting magazine summer issue. Soon I’ll be wearing this while on holidays.


Before I go, I mustn’t forget to tell you I am celebrating a Ravelry birthday next month, yes, 5 years on Ravelry is a milestone and deserves to be mentioned. I have surprises for you and I hope they make you knit and they make you smile! I won’t reveal anything more now, just make sure you stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment on today’s post1 It will be very much appreciated!!!

Happy Summer Knitting!!!


2 thoughts on “These days …

  1. Pam

    I am loving the green and white lace that I see Maria, but then you know me, I love to knit lace shawls and other lace goodies. Can’t wait to see it. Good to see you working and designing.

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