Heliotropion …

…is the Greek word for “sunflower”, this emblematic flower that turns its petals towards the sun and actually looks like the sun in a way. I had to use this name, as the pattern of this shawl is using the second colorway in the “Van Gogh” yarn that Lise, of TreLiz, created. Inspiration came, of course, from Van Gogh’s series of paintings “Les tournesols”.

We had been talking for a while about this project before Lise contacted me to, finally, arrange timetables and yarn choices. I had the luxury of choosing a yarn base (I love them all) and I chose Appollon, since I knew this would be a summer-ish shawl and so it had to be soft and smooth and cool enough to knit with during hot weather. Don’t get me wrong: it will be warm enough for you to wear during winter, too! In any case, you have the option to knit it in Zeus,too, which will make a definitely warm accessory-it’s up to you!


I opted for this particular “Sunflower” for two reasons: 1) I love the Royal Blue color that serves as a background for this one and 2) this painting no longer exists, it was part of a private collection in Japan and it was destroyed on 6 August 1945. I tried to emphasize the “movement” of the flowers petals rather than creating a sunflower-like shawl…it’s rather how this painting makes me feel when I look at it; knowing its destiny makes it even more intriguing…


I worked on the pattern for what I consider a long time (I was taking care of my sick mother back in those days, so I had very little time for designing and knitting) but, I guess, this shawl helped me through hard times and kept my spirits up – trust me, you can’t get to feel down when you’re using this orange colorway!


It is a blessing to be able to create a new pattern even when everything around you seems to go wrong and I am grateful for it! It is also a blessing to be “surrounded” by a wonderful team of test-knitters eager to test the pattern, two of them are French, mille merci Charlotte et Delphine, and the other one is Japanese, from Hiroshima (yes, it was meant to be that way), so,どうもありがとうございました Hiroko!!!


PS. Pre-orders are still open for a limited time only, so make sure you make yours on time. There will be a KAL, on Ravelry, as always, with giveaway prizes both by TreLiz and me!!!


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