One more year on my shoulders…

…so, I’m counting my blessings these days! Life has been full of choices, some tough ones, others less, but, in the end, I feel I’m lucky! Lucky for the love in my life, love from my family and friends, love from my fellow knitters!

And, yes,it’s been a wholesome year, plenty of sad and wonderful things happened, change was inevitable and, sometimes, pretty welcome. If I had to choose a word for this past year of my existence that word would be “endurance”…

Only two days left and then, another year of my life begins; you know me, eternal optimist, I hope for the best for you, for me, for everybody!
Let’s start celebrating!!! 

Happy (3)

One thought on “One more year on my shoulders…

  1. Niki

    Happy Birthday, Maria. We spent the month of May in Greece and loved it. Beautiful weather, beautiful people.

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