Taking pictures…

…of a finished knit can be a real adventure! No, it isn’t easy and yes, it s exciting! I am trying to do justice to the knit, which is the important thing, to show off the details that make it unique, so the buyer of the pattern can really know if it is what they’re looking for or not…


Sometimes, I revisit a pattern and take some new photos of the same finished object. They are usually better, I must confess. You see, the more I knit and the more I wear the prototype, the better I can communicate its features to you. So, for today, let us all revisit The Beach Hut MKAL, a pattern from last summer, that may tempt you to give it a try this year!


  It’s a shawl with an interesting construction, some lace panels that actually remind me of beach huts on a row and some easy colorwork to do! In the end, you pick up stitches to work a beautiful, decorative frill with the purpose to keep your scarf around you shoulders. I urge you to visit the project pages of the people who knitted it and see the many, versatile ways to wear it. And, to celebrate that summer is on its way, this particular pattern will be at a 20% discount offer from May 18, 2018 to May 20, 2018.

Happy knitting everybody!!!


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