A new pattern at a special price…

I love Brioche Stitch, who doesn’t? Many years ago, I even created a whole sweater in Brioche Stitch … to give away to a friend; yes, I know, what was I thinking of? Back in those days, long ago before the Internet, in Greece where I live and create, we hadn’t even heard of the term “Brioche Stitch”. We used to call this family of stitches the “English Ribs” (I realize now it’s a translation of the French Term).


Why am I bothering you with all this? Well, I need to let you know how the idea for this series of patterns came to me… I know knitters want to give Brioche Stitch a try, but sometimes they are kind of scared, because they think it’s too complicated. I decided to create a series of basic patterns, introducing the Brioche Stitch little-by-little, breaking it into pattern repeats and combining it with stockinette or garter stitch.


Small scale projects are the best for teaching purposes: they won’t take too long, but they’ll give you the confidence you need to take your Brioche Stitch skill to the next level. You also end up with a beautiful knitted accessory. In this first Briochelle pattern, a cowl in the round, you only need to know how to sl1yo and brk.

I ‘d like to mention here that, if I hadn’t taken Nancy Marchant’s Craftsy Classes, I wouldn’t have dreamt of creating these designs. I am so thankful to her, she is an inspiring figure and a marvelous teacher! Make sure you visit the pattern page and benefit from an especially low earlybird price (offer valid for a few days only).

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