The Briochelle Scarf…

…is my second pattern in the series meant to initiate Brioche knitting to hesitant knitters. In fact, it’s the …”sequel” to Briochelle Cowl, since it is based on the same Half – Brioche stitch pattern as the one used in the cowl.


What’s the point in applying the same stitch pattern again? Well, I have my reasons for doing so and let me explain to you why: This is not a circular knitting project and this changes a lot the way we approach the pattern. When working on the cowl, one only uses brk (brioche knit) stitch in order to create the pattern. Now, the scarf being a flat knit, one has to use brp (brioche purl) in order to achieve the same result. Isn’t that fascinating?


I isolated the two basic Brioche stitches on purpose, so that, after having completed these two projects, you’ll find yourself confident enough to embark on new Brioche adventures that will eventually lead to the exquisite Two-Color Brioche Technique. I hope you’ll find this project as comfortable as I meant it to be and interesting enough for you to create your beautiful scarf! The pattern is available at an earlybird price until July 19, so, grab the chance to purchase it at half price!


2 thoughts on “The Briochelle Scarf…

  1. pam perkins

    Great looking pattern Maria. I just purchased and printed it out. I love your choice of yarn and colorful colorway. It  really seems to play with the pattern well. Looking forward to doing this and the cowl. Hope you have a great weekend, Hugs, Pam

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