Serenísimo is…

… the first in a series of 3 patterns under the name “The Peace Trilogy”. The “peace” I refer to is rather an inner feeling, a state of mind and an attitude. Knitting is a way of expression and colors communicate various mood changes. I found myself opting for these happy, bright yet quiet colors as I was working on this first shawl, because this is exactly how I felt as the days became brighter and warmer and the summer breeze announced the most beautiful season of the year.
All three patterns bear Spanish names; I am well-known for my love for everything Spanish, but it isn’t just that: it’s the fact that these names really stand for my feelings as I was knitting the prototypes and they are so easy to pronounce by everybody.
The Serenísimo shawl is worked on a very loose gauge on purpose; it drapes beautifully and can be worn all year round. A very basic shape, a triangle that keeps growing at a stedy ratio on every other row, the emphasis is on the sequence of colors and the interest is kept by the stitch patterns that keep changing, blending colors with the help of slipped stitches and color stripes.
The lace pattern is worked in garter stitch and this makes the shawl totally reversible, how cool is that?
It is also adjustable; you can modify it to your taste and knit a smaller or larger version (but you must remember, this affects the yardage). You can very well use leftovers from your stash to substitute some of the colorways or use mini skeins for the Contrasting Colors. I hope you enjoy working on this, I certainly had so much fun creating it!
In an attempt to offer this pattern in as many languages as possible, I am happy to tell you that I did my best to translate it in Spanish and French and my good friend Elisabetta Colombini offered to translate it in Italian! I am so thankful to her, as she also participated in the test-knitting along with 6 more wonderful test knitters that I simply cannot thank enough. This is a fully tech-edited and tested pattern that comes to you and it already seems to be getting a good response on Rravelry, thank you so much for the love, guys!!!

PS. Just a quick word to remind you that you can get The Peace Trilogy ebook at half price until June 30. This means you get Serenísimo as well as the 2 patterns that will be added shortly (Tolerante and Gracioso) at the price of one, so maybe you are interested to know. Of course, all 3 patterns are available individually and they are all eligible for the huge, huge Summer KAL that is coming up on July 21 and will last 3 whole months (more about that at a future post, I promise)

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