Dare Yourself – the details

The marriage of colors is a daring challenge, as every marriage is (or should be). Now you may get an idea on how wonderfully intriguing and daringly challenging it has been for me to put together these 10 apparently incompatible colorways, in order to create this “daring” shawl. Well, you know me, I love a challenge, I only hope I have done justice to this divine yarn.


Lise, (aka TreLiz), actually makes art on yarn. My goal was to make art with her yarn; I feel I ‘ve reached my goal and now it’s your turn: I hope you enjoy using this pattern to feel the way I felt while creating this design: the excitement, the anticipation, the joy of knitting, placing some yarn overs here and there to let the air and the light come through the fabric, the mindless ritual of stockinette stitch that leaves predominance to color, the game of ribbing and garter stitch that hug our shawl…

k.velaoras (34 of 82).jpg

Can you feel it? It’s a wonderful journey expecting us and it’s equally exciting for the novice and the veteran knitter! So, come on and let us all knit a Dare Yourself!


NOTE: This pattern is going to be released on 30 April, 2016, so, for now, you will only receive the infosheet with the necessary information, regarding yarns, techniques etc. You will receive notification and the updated file with the pattern on 30 April, 2016. Yarn for this pattern is available as a pre-ordered Knitting Kit at treliz.eu ; You get the pattern for free with the purchase of the Mini-Skeins Knitting Kit.
There will be a KAL so that we can all enjoy knitting this shawl together and offer support if needed!

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