ilitominon: knitting for a cause feels good


Knitting or crocheting for babies simply rocks, don’t you think so? Well, my 9,5-year-old is no longer a baby, but there’s a way to knit for babies and have the pleasure of contributing to a good cause: Ilitominon is an organization that offers support and comfort to premature babies and their families and it takes just a small amount of cotton yarn and lots of love in order to create garments that will keep these babies warm.

I’d like to invite you to visit the Ilitominon page, read carefully about their action and volunteer by knitting or crocheting tiny hats and socks and really small blankets that will hug these babies who fight for life. You can send your knitted or crocheted items to: Ioannou Gennadiou 16, Athens 11521, Greece / tel: +30 210 729 9992

I remind you that there is no deadline in this, you can be sending your work all year long, as long as babies areprematurely born there will always be a need to keep these little ones warm.

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