Tech-editing is one of the most important steps towards publishing your new pattern and you know you cannot do it for yourself, so I am here willing to help you with:


  • checking (and double-checking) the math in your pattern, so that everything works as expected
  • providing consistency in terms of language, abbreviations, fonts, layout etc
  • making sure that your pattern instructions are easily understood
  • checking that all necessary information is included
  • comparing charts and written instructions to make sure they match
  • editing for grammar and punctuation

(Please contact me at, for availability. Rates depend on the complexity of the patterns and I accept payments via Paypal only. They range from $15 for a simple pattern (like a scarf) to $45 for a more complex pattern (like a garment). In any case, I will contact you promptly as soon as I read your draft. Please note that this includes a final proof-reading before the pattern gets published.


Additionally, you can benefit from the following services upon request:

  • Charts based on writtern instructions and vice versa (I use the StichMastery software)
  • Pattern templates/layouts (I use Microsoft Office 2016 to create .pdf files)
  • Collaboration with the designer in order to develop his/her specific stylesheet
  • Translation of (already tech-edited) knitting patterns from English into French, Greek and Spanish
  • Copywriting of the “legend” (introductory text content) for your pattern

(Please contact me at Rates depend on the nature of each individual service and I accept payments via Paypal only.In any case, I will contact you promptly  and  we will discuss the details. Please note that I like to work closely with the designer in order to comply with his/her expectations and provide patterns with a clean, professional look that knitters will be happy to follow.)

P.S. I provide tech-editing services for knitting patterns only!



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