„Agora’ – ΑΓΟΡΑ“ is what I love in Greece. The word means more than just the market.

Agora was the place people met to talk politics, trade goods, negotiate business, manage the city affairs, worship the Gods, get entertainent, gossip.
Agora was the place of interaction, of sharing information, of arguing, of gaining money and influence.
Agora was the place of the orators, the philosophers, the politicians, the merchants, the priests, the citizens, the customers.
Agora was the place of life, of here and now.

The concept has survived over the centuries.

Around Athenas street, at the heart of the Athens market, you encounter the same spirit.
You do not just go there to get a better bargain, buy, pay, go; you go there to talk, to trade rumors, to feel the pulse of the city, the satisfaction or discontent of the citizens, the non specialist’s suggestions on how to…

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