Ortansia Wrapigan Pattern Giveaway

 Well. time for a giveaway to celebrate my upcoming birthday in a proper manner! As of today and till 06/18/2015 you'll be able to download Ortansia Wrapigan for free, as long as you apply the Coupon Code: HappyCumple. Go ahead and visit the pattern page here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ortansia-wrapigan , click on the buy now button and apply the …

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The Knitter

To all the fellow knitters & crocheters that know only too well how knitting gets us through this life! Many Happy returns of WWKIP Day to all of us!!!

The Owl Underground Archive II

Larock_Evert-Knitting_old_womanThe Knitter

By Jackie Kay

I knit to keep death away
For hame will dae me.
On a day like this the fine mist
Is a dropped stitch across the sky.

I knit to hold a good yarn
For stories bide with me
On a night like this, by the peat fire;
I like a story with a herringbone twist.

But a yarn aye slips through your fingers.
And my small heart has shrunk with years.
I couldn’t measure the gravits*, the gloves, the mittens,
The jerseys, the cuffs, the hose, the caps,

The cowls, the cravats, the cardigans,
The hems and facings over the years.
Beyond the sea wall, the waves unfurl.
I knitted through the wee stitched hours.

I knitted till my eyes filled with tears,
Till the dark sky filled with colour.
Every spare moment. Time was a ball of wool.
I knitted to keep my croft…

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WWKIPD Convocatoria de Tricotada Solidaria en Madrid

Tejiendo con Gracia

tricotada solidaria 2

Con motivo del Día Internacional para Tejer en Público los colectivos  Madrid Knits , Punto Cuqui y Lana Connection se unen para celebrar  una tricotada solidaria a favor de la Federación Española de Enfermedades Raras . Como el logotipo de FEDER es un trébol de cuatro hojas, la organización propone tejer tréboles. Por ejemplo broches, marcadores de página, bolsitas, todo lo que se te ocurra.

Otros años han podido tejer con lana donada por otros colectivos pero este año carecen de donación, por lo que cada persona debe llevar su material (lana verde, agujas, broches, agujas de coser, comida, agua…)

La convocatoria es el sábado 13 de junio de 10 a 14 horas en el Momumento de Alfonso XII, frente al lago del Parque del Retiro. A partir de las 14 horas se comerá de picnic y seguirán tejiendo hasta las 20 horas.

Han creado un evento en…

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ilitominon: knitting for a cause feels good

Knitting or crocheting for babies simply rocks, don't you think so? Well, my 9,5-year-old is no longer a baby, but there's a way to knit for babies and have the pleasure of contributing to a good cause: Ilitominon is an organization that offers support and comfort to premature babies and their families and it takes just a …

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