Thread will keep us together…

…even if we happen to stay far away; take Betta and me for example. Betta, Elisabetta Colombini, is the independent yarn dyer/spinner/ knitting pattern author bettern known as “Le Tinte del Bosco”. We have never been together in the same place, yet we are so close in spirit, we think and feel alike, we use the Internet to video-call and we share good (or bad) news. We enjoy being together like this and we hope the day will come when we get to meed and hug each other not virtually, but in real life.

Until then, we keep the thread live and strong and we try to meet and knit together as often as we can. In fact, we spent a month participating in the #westknitsmkal2021, using the beautiful yarn that Betta arranged in exclusive kits and enjoying many a fun knitting stitch patterns provided by the designer.

I plan to write my pattern review in a future post, but I couldn’t resist posting a few pictures of my unblocked shawl, just so you can see how various naturally dyed colorways blend together and bring up the best in an already busy pattern. Thank you, Betta, for this wonderful knitting adventure!

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