No pattern knitting…

…is a great idea when you A) can’t pay much attention to your project, because you are paying attention to a TV show OR B) have lots of yarn leftovers you want to use but they aren’t enough for a structured, written pattern. It happens to me all the time and I bet it happens to you, too. So, I decided to share my “recipe” for one of those projects that keep my hands busy when I watch TV or read and I plan to post the stages of this “mindless” knitting project here and on IG.

First, let’s make clear that this is a “shawl recipe”. I did my stash diving and found some yarn in co-ordinated colorways (this is not a “must” but it helps in creating consistency). Here is the yarn I am using for this particular shawl.

As you can see, my laceweight yarn is a variegated colorway and this one is meant to be knitted together with a strand of fingering weight yarn; I will be using all 3 colorways of the fingering weight yarn, so that I create “color blocks” as they appear on my project. The bulky weight yarn is a handspun yarn, but you can use any bulky yarn from your stash. This yarn makes a “guest appearance” from time to time and it becomes the star of the project.

I have already cast on and worked some rows and I will publish this “recipe” as a whole at the end of my project, but, if you are interested, you will find daily posts on my IG account with instructions written in 3 languages, so you can follow them and knit your own relaxing shawl. I invite you to follow me there and I promise to keep posting here, too, so you can keep up with my progress.

Looking forward to seeing you, soon! Happy knitting!

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