A long, hot summer…

…and a strange one, too, I must add, this summer 2020 has been especially busy, as I found myself teaching until July 20, before I could take a few days off with my family. This has been a hard year, it still is, for all of us in every corner of this planet, but, as usual, my knitting helped me cope with hardship.

Early June, we went out of “lockdown mode” in Greece, but we were too busy working from home (teaching via Zoom) until July, since this year exam dates were pushed into mid-summer; July is probably the hottest month where I live. Fortunately, everything went just fine and , even more fortunately, I did some knitting and released a few new patterns both individually and combined in an ebook. The idea was to create a few accessories patterns that give a bit (or more ) of mindless knitting time and maybe leave you with a finished object to wear or to give to some knitworthy person. Today I am only presenting you a picture of the cover and I hope I get to publish an article for each of these patterns with pictures and detailed info, as they deserve it. You can click on the image to find the ebook on Ravelry and read all about it.

How has your summer been so far? It is still very hot here, but I go on knitting and hope for a better, calmer fall ahead!

2 thoughts on “A long, hot summer…

  1. Even if we are so far away, I feel you as one of my best friend! You are special and a high talent knit designer!
    I’m so happy and proud to share with you our knitting and yarn passion!
    Stay safe!💜

    1. mariazil

      The feelings are mutual, my dear Betta, I only wish we can meet in person some day in the future! Stay safe, too!

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