It’s been a few months since…

…my previous post and I don’t know how many of you, knitters and friends out there, are still interested in reading my posts. It’s totally my fault, of course, as I have been hibernating for quite some time, but it certainly wasn’t intentional on my part. I will tell you all about it in a while.

In August, right after presenting The Peace Trilogy, my pattern Iria Beach Socks came up and I am so happy with this pair of socks as this is probably the best sock yarn I have ever used and certainly a luxury for the feet (yes, cashmere and silk are the best combo you can think of against your skin)

[ yarn by Le Tinte del Boscso]


A month or so later, I released The Energy Flow Cowl, a very easy, beginner-friendly pattern for an “Infinity Cowl”. The hand-dyed gradient yarn by Le Tinte del Bosco and the transition from one colorway to the other inspired both the stitch patterns I used as well as the name of the cowl. I tried to make the best of the wonderful yarn, as I started working from the outside of the yarn cake and, from time to time I used the other end of the thread (coming from the center of the cake) so that I could create some fun stripes. The cowl is worked flat, with an i-cord on each side of the knit and then, the 2 ends are grafted with a 3-needles BO.


Then, in early Fall, 2019, I had a really stupid accident resulting in a very badly sprained ankle that held me hostage in my bed for two whole months. Friends who know me well will understand what I mean when I say that during that time I really didn’t feel like knitting at all; I guess I was too depressed to do so although I did force myself to think positively and try to get better as soon as possible. I still didn’t feel like creating any new pattern, I just managed to finish the prototype of a shawl I had already designed and tested and so I managed to put it up on Ravelry just before the winter holidays in 2019. Hug 2020is a shawl I made to welcome 2020 with the best of intentions and I was so happy to see it in the #1 place of the HOT RIGHT NOW patterns on Ravelry for a few days!


[ yarn by Le Tinte del Boscso]

Are you still with me after this long, long post? Well, if you are, I promise I will tell you all about the “knitting on the side” and the “thinking time” I treated myself with, in my next post. You see, after struggling with the impotence and frustration caused by realising I wasn’t able to do things as rapidly and efficiently as I used to, I made up my mind: I gave myself some space to think and feel and think and heal and be a slow knitter for a change! That is a whole new chapter and it will be coming to you next week! Until then, be well and keep on knitting!


3 thoughts on “It’s been a few months since…

  1. Meg

    I have been home with a badly broken arm from a car accident since late NOVEMBER, no end specified yet. I know the feelings you describe well. I just hope they pass.

  2. Pam Perkins

    I wondered why I hadn’t heard from you in awhile and glad to hear you are mended. I know that foot issues are not fun, been dealing with Achilles Tendinitis myself since fall, with ice, night braces, and such, finally doing better myself. Take care and continue with the designing and knitting, we miss you.

    1. mariazil

      And I miss you, tto, dear Pam! It has been really hectic but now things seem to improve! I am glad that you are over your troubles, too, take care!

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