Tolerante has just been released…

…a week earlier than I expected! I am so greateful that my wonderful group of test knitters completed the test so early (this also means it is a really quick knit, the perfect summer project).


Tolerante is the second shawl pattern from the series The Peace Trilogy. Its name refers to tolerance, of cource; the more tolerant we are with ourselves and the others, the happier the world will be. Embracing diversity is an art we must all cultivate if we want to live free from prejudice and in peace with ourselves.


As I was working on this strangely-shaped crescent-ish shawl (there is some surprise when it comes to the final shape), I was seeking the inner peace that comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors, in many races, religions and beliefs. I was not disappointed.

This is going to be a surprisingly quick knit and I am releasing it earlier than I had planned for 2 reasons:
-It has been fully tested (on Ravelry, in my FB group and on IG) and tech-edited, and
-You may wish to order the proper yarn from TreLiz and I want you to have the time to place an order if that is the case.

PS. Earlybird Release at Half Price: The pattern is currently available in English only, but it will be eventually available in Spanish, French and Italian(automatically updated each time a new language is added), so, maybe you would like to grab the chance and get it at half-price! Offer valid until July 14, 2019!

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