On new beginnings and old loves…

You may have noticed that I have been flirting with the “lace’n’garter” hashtag for quite some time; well, the more I use it the most confident I am about it. Although I have worked with various stitch patterns and techniques, in fact I have even designed brioche and/or mosaic and stranded colorwork items and will certainly continue doing so, lace and garter are my favorites, so this is who I am: a knitter that loves lace and garter.

The Kefalari shawl is the perfect proof to the statement above. Kefalari is the name of the last MKAL of 2018 and it is available on my Ravelry Store both in English and Italian.


I have also come with some new sock patterns, in face a new one will be officially released tomorrow, Fika Socks, and it will be available at half price for 48 hours after its release, so, if you happen to be a sock knitter, make sure you check and see when it is on!


Have a wonderful knitting week ahead!!!

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