Fika – A sock pattern…

…coming up by the end of January is my first knitting pattern for 2019. Fika is a Swedish word which refers to ” a coffee and cakes break” which should happen everyday and in the company of good friends and family. Can you think of a better start for a new year?

As the holidays season is almost over, we go back to our everyday routine and eventually face the not-so-dreamy daily life in the midst of winter. A “fika” is a way to escape from reality even if for a few brief moments, to warm up our body and soul, exchange a few jokes and enjoy coffee or tea and cakes. So simple, so wonderful.

The pattern gets its name from this wonderful Swedish custom and because of the yarn colorway which reminds me of cinnamon rolls next to my coffee cup.


The pattern is currently being tested so that it comes to you as good as it can get. It is very beginner-friendly and is worked from the toe towards the calf. I promise I will be giving you more details very soon.

PS. Wanna learn more about the “fika” custom? Have a look here!


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