2019 – A year of new resolutions…

…has just begun! I hope you had a great time, both saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019. For me and my family it has been as it should be: cooking a nice, festive dinner and enjoying being well and being together with a glass of wine. At first, we had planned to go out to welcome the new year, but then, the weather got worse, so we just stayed in and had a quiet cozy evening.


2018 was a year full of ups and downs (what else?) but we managed to go through everyday difficulties and close some emotional chapters that really tied us to the past. So, this year, we are looking forward to evolution and, for the first time in many years, I find myself making serious plans these days. I do my best to plan doable things, as I believe in achieving goals and this can be pretty stressful if the goal is too hard to reach. For instance, I really enjoyed the 31-posts challenge, but I do not think I can keep up with this during a whole year; once or twice a week may be better both for me and you.

I also have in mind to launch a series of patterns based on a “theme” each time : one collection should be one-skein projects (you know, for that “luxury” yarn you had your eye on but could afford to buy just one skein), another one will definitely be a collection of sweaters and cardis and the third one simply must be socks. I’m sure I will squeeze scarves and shawls in the first collection and will also do some exclusive collaboration patterns. I can’t wait, as you can see, I have started swatching already to measure gauge and decide on needle size.


On a more personal level, I have decided to make a point of listening to at least one audiobook per week: so far, I recently enjoyed “Lagom, not too little, not too much” by Niki Brabant and I am currently listening to Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” . Thank God for audiobooks, knitting is much more fun with them!

I am still taking Tai Chi classes, they have now become a part of my weekly routine. Now, I am starting to be more nutrition-conscious, taking one step at a time: for the moment, I want to build a habit of drinking more water during the day and I have almost banished cola drinks (it feels great, despite the cravings). I enjoy a sip of good wine from time to time though; here is a pic of some Glühwein I made yesterday! It kept us warm on a stormy night!


We also plan to spend more quality time as a family, although free time is so limited; yet, one can arrange a movie night or a board games and homemade pizza night, invite close friends for a glass of wine, nothing pretentious, just hanging out with people we love, We deserve it.

I felt the need to share my -sometimes vague- plans with you as I do feel close to you in a spiritual way: have you made any new year resolutions that you would like to share with me? Hit the “reply” button and tell me all about it! Take care of yourself until I see you here again, next week!!!

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