Day #23 – A year of patterns (part A)

I do not consider myself a prolific pattern author; living is not as easy as I would like it to be, at least not here in Greece and this can be quite stressful. I know knitting is supposed to free you from stress and this is true. Releasing a pattern is a slow procedure, especially when you do all the sample knitting, but I wouldn’t have it otherwise, so, I don’t complain.

During 2018, I released patterns that were the result of exclusive collaborations and others that were totally self-catered, indepenently released. Today, I ‘ll remember some of the collaborations and after Christmas I will continue  with the rest of them.

Lipperin is a Scottish word that refers to the ripples of the seawater as it breaks on the shore. The name of this pattern simply had to be Scottish, since the idea was to create a hooded poncho of “tartan” inspiration for the Edinburgh Wool Festival. Luisa, the heart and soul of Unfilodi, had this photo of a beautiful tartan in a watercolor drawing and that was the beginning. We immediately agreed on the three colorways of the yarn and she generously sent me much more than we had thought I would need in the first place. She did the right thing of course, because she provided the fourth colorway that makes a lot of difference in this project.


I started swatching immediately, trying to find a way for this colorwork to look as much tartan as possible and to be as knitter-friendly as possible, too. A real challenge! After a week or so, I knew that slipped stitches was the technique that best met my criteria: beautiful colorwork, not too thick as knitwear and not too complicated either: I did enjoy working with one yarn only on every row. The pattern is available exclusively via Unfilodi so, in case you are interested, please contact them.


Tropicalia is another Unfilodi exclusive Mystery Kit pattern, a multi-colored thriagular shawl that gives you the chance to enjoy playing with color and work on a project that can be easily taken outdoors: in fact, I made sure both the increase rate and the eyelet pattern can be easily memorized. You see, Tropicalia was released in June, so I wanted to make sure knitters could enjoy the nice weather.


It came up as a result of one of those highly inspirational talks with the Unfilodi Knit House owner, Luisa de Angeli; she was dreaming of the Tropics, The Caribbean and such places, I believe we were both tired after a busy winter and dreaming of exotic resorts. So, we decided that Carmen Miranda would be our Muse for this one! I tried to create a shawl that reminds me of her ruffled skirts and her swinging dance; I even wore the shawl as a turban wrapped around my head, as you can see! This is one of my favorite 2018 patterns, if I may say so myself.


Well, these were my Unfilodi exclusive patterns for this year, words are not enough to express my joy and gratitude towards Luisa and her team for trusting me with her inspiration, testing and translating the patterns into Italian, making them accessible to the Italian knitters! More on my “collaboration” patterns for 2018, in tomorrow’s post! Don’t miss it!

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