Day #21 – Speaking of podcasts…

…as we were the other day, I did not mention that apart from “knitting theme” podcasts, I also watch some other podcasts on YouTube and one in particular is a weekly “must” : Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger. I have been following her for at least 3 years, I have bought her books and Creative Life classes and she is one of my favorite people in the Internet. No, I have not joined the Starship, as I don’t live in the USA and this would complicate things. What I know for sure is that her advice on running a  “fiber-related business” is a guarantee to success.

In this week’s episode, she talks about the frenzy of the festive days and how to survive running a creative business while being a mom and wife etc. Would you like to join me in watching it? Here it is:

Make sure you don’t miss tomorrow, Day #22! A new post will be waiting here for you!

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