Day #19 – My husband is really…

…a hard person to please, when it comes to gifts. I’ve been buying him gifts for years, so I should know; well, he likes books and music, but then I wanted to knit a sweater for him, oh no, no, no, this will be too hot. I’ve made him scarves, they are lying there in his drawer, lined up (waiting for our son to grow a bit, I guess, so he can do them justice). Hats, yes, hats he wears when it is too cold, he really appreciates hats, but then, I got tired of gifting him a hat every year, if you know what I mean.


So, this year it’s going to be socks. Dark blue socks that I am knitting from the toe-up and using the Magic Loop for two-at-a-time. The yarn I am using is a cotton+polyamide blend by Lang Yarns, he can’t wear wool socks, so I had to look for this special yarn. I am not following any existing pattern (at least to my knowledge), I just follow my gauge, which means 64 stitches for his size 7,5″ foot and work the instep stitches in a Broken Rib 1X1 pattern and it comes out beautifully, I think. I’ll keep you informed on my progress (it’s a good thing we exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve, it makes my life easier).


So, this is what they look like for now, what do you think? I’ll be here tomorrow for Blog Post #20, don’t you forget!!!

One thought on “Day #19 – My husband is really…

  1. Pam Perkins

    I love your yarn choice, great colors and so far the socks look great too. Would love to see them finished Maria. Pam

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