Day #15 – I must say I’m impressed…

…as I never expected I could make it to Day #15, yet here we are! So, what shall I write about today? Well, today, I would like to write about how I started practising Tai Chi Chuan and how this helped me overcome fatigue and stress.

I know, everybody says knitting is the new yoga and I suppose it is so for many knitters, but not for me any more, at least not all the time. I mean when you have to meet a deadline and be on time, you knit like a lunatic until it hurts and then write the instructions and do the maths until it hurts and so on. This is work, fun, wonderful work, but work.

I had been practising yoga at home (it isn’t that obvious, but I am a very-well trained ex-dancer, so the discipline is there) but I needed something less static, more flowing; I needed movement.


One day my 13-year-old son came from school and asked if he could attend a Tai Chi class. Well, I took him to the class and then the instructor invited me to join them. I must say here I am such a lucky mom; my teenager was so cool about it, I can’t believe my good luck!

Five weeks later, we are both hooked: every Tuesday is a better day, because it ends with a Tai Chi class! My back has never been better, my posture is almost how it used to be and I feel so much stronger and much more relaxed than before! I know knitters DO need a strong motive to make them leave their project and move and I have found mine!

tai chi 2

How about you? Are you into exercising or practising a sport? Which one? Tell me all about it; write in the “reply” space below; and make sure you join me again tomorrow for post #16!

2 thoughts on “Day #15 – I must say I’m impressed…

  1. Pam Perkins

    Sounds like a good thing and I am so happy it is working well for you. Perhaps after the Holidays and I have a bit of time I should check into that here for myself. I could use something like that for more than one reason. Thank you for sharing this

    1. Thank YOU, Pam, for your cmment! What is really impressive is that it is the kind f exercise anyone can take up and benefit from, I’m sure you will like it if you give it a try!

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