Day #14 – Making a list…

…of my absolute favorite Christmas movies is a “must” especially when there is a MKAL on, I like to knit while re-watching a movie; I can pay attention to my knitting and enjoy the season at the same time. It has also become a “custom” in our house to organize pre-Christmas movie nights with homemade pizza and wine! Here is my Top-5 movies for this season:

1. Fanny and Alexander (by Ingmar Bergman)

No matter how many times I’ve watched this, I always come back (and it is a really LONG movie, but it is such a pleasure to the eye and to the soul). If you’re not familiar with it, go ahead and treat yourself to a wonderful movie with a Christmas “background”.

2. The Shop around the corner (By Ernst Lubitsch)

This is an “oldie but goodie” as they say, a classic movie indeed: Two employees at a gift shop can barely stand each other, without realizing that they are falling in love through the post as each other’s anonymous pen pal. This is the theme, you just sit back (knit) and enjoy the wonderful acting.

3.Mary Poppins (by R. Stevenson, the 1964 version, the new one keeps me inrigued but I ‘ll have to wait until December 20 for it)

Surely, you don’t expect me to write anything about it? It’s obvious why I love re-watching it, isn’t it?

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (by Blake Edwards)

This one is on the list as “eye-candy”. You can enjoy watching this again and again all year round, don’t you agree?

5. Barefoot in the Park (by Gene Saks) is on the list because Christmas is the best day for a Happy, Happy movie 0and this one is supposed to be one of the happiest movies ever!

How about you? Is there a “movie list” like mine in your Christmas traditions? I’d like to know all about it and don’t forget! A new post will be waiting for you here, tomorrow!!!

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