Day #12 – On my needles these days…

…you can find (among other projects that I cannot share for the moment) a couple of socks that I’m knitting for my teenage-son: his feet have grown to a larger size, which means new “Santa Socks” this year! This is my only “fun” project these days, by fun I mean a project that is not “work” nor “test-knitting”. Just pure pleasure, a basic pattern (rib is always a safe choice when it comes to socks), the fundamental Holiday Colors (red and green) and the Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time method; I can work those two while Netflixing, if you know what I mean.


How about you? Are you doing any last-minute-gift knitting? Would you like me to write down the instructions for the socks? If yes, leave a comment below and I will do my best!

Don’t forget! Stop by tomorrow for a new post!

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