Day #10 – Counting the days to…

…the release of the first clue of the Season’s MKAL and I’m so happy for this new collaboration with an Indie Yarn Dyer from Italy: Betta calls her yarn “Le Tinte del Bosco”, which refers to the way she treats yarn and the natural dyes she uses to create her palette. She told me she goes to her mountain retreat on weekends and spends time in the forest collecting what she needs to create the colors she will use on the yarn. Besides the fact that this is a totally eco-friendly procedure, it’s also a very unpredictable one: nature colors are unique, you never know beforehand how they will actually end up looking, dark or light, pale or bright; just as I said, they are unique.


Betta has prepared some knitting kits for this shawl MKAL and I created a pattern that I hope does justice to her yarn. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern, in fact, I made sure the final clue comes in two versions, one for the novice knitter and the other for the advanced beginner. The earlybird sign-up price is valid until the day after tomorrow, December 12, 2018, then it goes up, so maybe you would like to grab the chance and get the pattern at a bargain price!


See you tomorrow for another pre-holidays post! Have a happy new week ahead with lots of creative projects!!!

One thought on “Day #10 – Counting the days to…

  1. Elisabetta

    Maria! So.many thanks to you.
    Your kindness and your wonderful ideas that make your patterns unique and particular as I like!
    Thank you! You are unique! ❤

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