Day #9 – Baking bread…

…is a real family treat and I managed to learn a lot about making and baking bread last summer, thanks to Craftsy and Zoë François!

I learnt how to make French baguettes, pizza dough and variations of breads (like pita bread for instance) and our meals have been tastier with minimum effort! I highly recommend the class, I know you are bound to enjoy baking your own artisan bread and tasting it!


PS. Guess what makes a totally awesome meal: freshly baked bread, and some Greek salad, extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese; mouthwatering!


See you here tomorrow for Day #10 blog post! Happy Sunday!!!

One thought on “Day #9 – Baking bread…

  1. Pam Perkins

    When is that bread coming out of the oven! It looks great and so does that Greek tomato salad, so red and ripe….my favorites

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