#Day 5 – Last year…

…I released a hat pattern that I really loved wearing during winter! I also made  three last-minute gifts out of this pattern and I thought you may wish to revisit my Ravelry Store and give it a try!

There is, of course, a story behind the name of this hat, as usual!
Do you remember the famous scene from Gilmore Girls when Lorelai wakes up to the “smell of the snow”? Well, although
I do not live in Stars Hollow (or anything like it) I always felt I could smell the snow, too.
In the rare occasions I ‘ve enjoyed snow falling in my life, I always experienced a feeling like “smell” and that’s why I had to make a hat that reminds me of this. The idea is to blend the colorways in a soft, easy way and slipped sts will do that for you. This is a “mindless knitting” pattern, so you can take your project with you and enjoy working a round or two. Make use of your stash leftovers or buy
some mini skeins to make this a multi-colored hat. Enjoy wearing it in health and joy!!!

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