Day #4 – Listen to the music…

…it is bound to make you happier! I make a Season’s Playlist and I must say YouTube is such a great help, these days! I have so many favorites, in various languages, traditional and less traditional songs I like to listen to. I simply love English-language Xmas Carols of course, but you will agree with me that Swedish Carols sound equally great and so do French and Italian Christmas Songs; my all time favorites are Spanish Villancicos! So many of them and they are all such fun to sing and -sometimes- danceto the music!

Well, here is a first  Top -5 of my favorite Christmas songs.

Let me know what you think in the comments below; is there some special song you like to listen to during these days? Which one? Be sure that I will be back with more songs during this month challenge and I won’t miss the chance to post some Hanukkah music I love, too!

See you here tomorrow for another blogpost!

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