Day #3 – Cross Stitch your yarn leftovers…

…on a piece of plastic canvas. You can use any small cross stitch motif and make the best of your scrap yarn. You will probably need some white or red or any festive color your heart desires, to accentuate the feeling of the days.

Once your project is over, you can cut the canvas, glue some velvet paper on the “wrong side” and maybe add some twine, so you can hang it on the tree or some ribbon to make a colorful, handmade bookmark!

Remember: we NEVER throw yarn away, there is always some purpose for gorgeous yarn leftovers!

2 thoughts on “Day #3 – Cross Stitch your yarn leftovers…

  1. Pam Perkins

    Great idea Maria, nice for the ends on bookmark ribbons and such and also for Christmas ornaments as well. They look great. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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