This year I am inviting you…

…to a Holidays Season Count-down! Here is the plan I have in mind: you know how hectic these days can be, lots of things to do, especially when you are a crafter, I bet you are working on those last minute gifts, aren’t you?

Well, same here, so I thought if I share my pre-Holidays preparations with you it will add to the fun and maybe give you some ideas, too! Yes, this is a sort of  an Advent Calendar for 2018 or should I say an Advent Diary? Starting December 1, I will be posting daily about Holidays, activities, thoughts, preparations, gifts, recipes, etc.  The challenge wll be over with a last post on December 31, as this is the traditional gift-exchange date in Greece!


Of course, I do count on you and your comments, so, please, go ahead and make sure you tell me how you feel about it! See you here on Saturday, 1, 2018, when I will be posting my version of the “Drunken Xmas Fruitcake” recipe!

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