This pattern belongs to the series of “Le emozioni che nessuno vuole” (the emotions nobody wants). Sara Sol had this wonderful idea, to create special colorways for these “negative” emotions, these feelings we do our best to avoid. We know we can’t. Life is that way; so, we better deal with them, understand why they are there, embrace our reality and keep on living.


When Sara sent me photos of the colorways, I didn’t know which was which. I instinctively chose to work with “fragilità” which is the Italian word for “frailty”. My family and I had just gone through the illness and loss of my mother and the coincidence was astonishing.


My mother had been really frail during the last year of her life, as she had experienced deception and emotional stress; I had gone through this with her and I can tell you, she assumed every bit of it and rose to the situation in an admirable way. She showed me the path towards strength: face your reality, embrace it, don’t go away. You are resilient, you can do it. This pattern is dedicated to her loving memory and I am thankful to Sara for including me in this adventure.


The shawl is a stole, a very simple wrap that you will find quite easy to knit. It starts as a rectangle but ends up in a trapeze shape. It includes two “chevron” stitch patterns and one easy lace motif. Pattern repeats and changes of colorways do all the work for you; the i-cord along each of the two side edges means you will weave in the yarn tails in a few minutes.


If you feel you need a longer shawl, you just work more row repeats. If you want a larger shawl, you just add a number of stitches multiple of 12. The pattern is available only as part of a kit that you can purchase by Sara Sol at Facebook. Sara will be selling these kits for a year, so, there is plenty of time for you to buy yourself one! My entire compensation for this pattern, as well as part of the dyer’s earnings go to Coraggio, an Association for the families of people who suffer from eating disorders.

Happy knitting!

One thought on “Fragilità

  1. Pam Perkins

    Maria it is beautiful, and with the purple in there, it is your colorway for many reasons. I don’t generally care much for the long rectangular wraps, but this one is a winner. Thank you for sharing this one with us. It truly is lovely. Your friend did well.

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