… as much as possible these days. You know, there is this room in our flat that is supposed to be my own “study-workshop”, well, when I get to tidy up and organize everything in a proper way. I am aware of my luck, don’t get me wrong, but the truth is that rooms don’t get organized by themselves and time is not on my side, so, yes, I admit, at the end of the day I have less than little energy left … so, I just get into THE room, I grab a skein and a pair of needles and go to knit in the living room… which is fine, but, I DO want my so-called atelier to function as such.

Last weekend, I had an epiphany! Well, what I mean is that I just decided to go for Craftsy Unlimited (as if the 106 Craftsy classes I have purchased in the last years weren’t enough; I was right, they aren’t). As I was browsing among classes I do not own, I came to a class by Clara Parkes, which really got me into the mood for giving it yet another try: I will put this chaos in order – I promised myself – and I sat down to draw a plan of action.


I decided I’ll pay this room a fifteen minutes visit, every day: I get in, I look into the yarn leftovers and the unfinished projects and I get to decide what to do with each one of them: keep it for later use, give it to those who need it more than me or simply finish that UFO!


So far, I have unraveled several sweaters that were not meant to be and I have made lots of “yarn cakes” which I have properly arranged in the closet. I have also created several “crazy balls” out of the precious stuff; it’s amazing that you don’t know how many yards of yarn you have until you see the huge “crazy ball” made out of scraps!


Nowadays, I am happy to say that a) I have already finished three hats out of leftover yarn and b)I am using some wonderful recycled silk yarn to crochet a summery lace shawl and one of my “crazy ball” yarn cakes along with some neutrals to knit a “sleeves scarf”. Both are my end-of-the-day projects and I totally enjoy them.

DSCN3000 (2).jpg

I have also started to actually appreciate the room and I hope I will eventually get to love it enough, so that I can post pictures of it in all its splendour! What do you do with yarn leftovers (if you have any?) ? How do you keep your stash organized? I’d really like to know, so, go ahead and share your tips with me!


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