…is so much like meditating! It is one of my favorite ways of relaxing from work ( aka designing, writing the pattern and knitting the prototype). It is almost mindless, you just have the liberty to follow your heart and let the inspiration lead you, you make use of beautiful yarn leftovers (oh, perhaps you think I am the Scrudge Mc Duck for yarn, but beautiful yarn IS too precious to remain unused) and it doesn’t take too long. Finally, swatching seems to bring all those new ideas to me, new ideas for all kinds of exciting patterns that may or may not come to life some day!

DSCN2935  I know you think I’m a yarnover/ openwork person (and so did I), but lately I have rediscovered the magic of slipped stitch, brioche and tuck stitch patterns and I’m currently experimenting a bit on the “texture-and-color” side. Soon, I may come up with photos of prototypes for you, maybe sooner than you think!

It’s curious how swatching brings back memories of my very early knitting days; yes, I was brioching like a lunatic during the ’80s and tucking in the ’90s(and I don’t think I ever used these terms back then). I wish I had had the opportunity to use some wonderful, wonderful yarn (like the yarn I have now access to) for those projects.


Anyway, I still count my blessings for being able to work with the best materials and the greatest tools and just indulge into some minutes of selfish, happy swatching that keeps me intrigued as to where I am supposed to go from here. It IS an adventure and I want you to join me, so, as I promised, there will soon be a new pattern up there for those who wish to play with texture and color!!! Until then, stay tuned, stay safe and knit beautiful knits!!!


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