Stripes and pools…

… not swimming pools, mind you, but color pools as you may have guessed! Well, stripes and color pools are the main features of this top-down raglan sweater that I knit for myself out of two super soft merino yarns: a deep dark green Abuelita and and a rainbow colorway by TreLiz (actually both yarns were provided by Lise, when she decided to de-stash and make room in her studio).


I loved both colorways so much, I simply had to make something out of those two combined… one-row stripes were the answer for the body of the sweater and random colorwork for the sleeves (you know how I …hate knitting sleeves, well, this trick worked,  I didn’t lose my interest and  got to knit them quickly) …

I now need a name for this and thought I maybe turn to you and ask for your help: what if I give you three names and you tell me which one sounds best to you? I am thinking of

a. Striper Sweater

b. Pool the Stripes

c. Striping Pools

Well, what do you think? Hit the “comment” button and let me know what is your choice, oh and thank you so much for your help!!!



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