Yarn cakes…

…are the best, don’t you agree? When I buy yarn it usually comes in skeins such as this one pictured below and a big part of the new project process is turning those skeins of yarn into beautiful yarn cakes ready to be knit…


There is suspense involved as the yarn is released and then turned into a ball, “hidden” colorways are eventually revealed and it’s fun, fun, fun! You can start knitting right away of course, but it is so much more beautiful and tensionwise sensible to use a ball winder and turn the ball into a yarn cake.

41BtqovQ4HL (2)

It comes up very neat-looking and it stretches the yarn a little bit more, so your gauge is close to perfect, not to mention the option to create beautiful marled cakes for your next trendy project!


What is your favorite way of turning a skein into workable yarn? Do you use a ball winder, too?

2 thoughts on “Yarn cakes…

  1. Oh, I have heard of nostepinne, it seems a very smart tool… You have now given me food for thought…always nice to hear from you, Pam… 🙂

  2. Pam Perkins

    I usually do use my ball winder and swift, an old heavy cast iron one I have had since the 70’s. but I also have a nostepine, not sure of the spelling, that I also use from time to time and usually can carry it easily in my knitting/yarn bag just in case….

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