Patterns and plans …

…are in my mind these days, as I am trying to organize my schedule for 2018. After years of using various planners in order to “stick to the plan” of the week or the month ahead, I decided I am not that “organizeable” a person and I turned into a Bullet Journal to find the space I needed for planning my days and writing down my thoughts …


It works. It serves as a planner, as a notebook, as a habit tracker, as a list, sometimes even as a sketchbook. It’s flexible and it follows my rythm and I like that… It doesn’t overwhelm the rebel that I am. Did I mention it’s fun? Well, it is fun, ’cause I am allowed to do as much doodling as I wish! So, Bullet Journal is my thing for planning 2018!


I haven’t written down any plans for 2018 (yes, they are still inside my head) but I’ll sit down and do it this afternoon. As for patterns, well, I have already developed one of those, given it a name and knit 50% of the prototype, so, you can expect it to be published shortly. I am just going to give you a clue about it: two-color brioche knitting is the main feature and, as always, it is done so that it’s friendly for the beginners and interesting enough for the veterans. I’ll keep you posted on this, so, make sure you stay tuned!!!


Now, it’s your turn: do you use any planner system to keep yourself on track? Which one? I am looking forward to reading your reply, so hit this “comment” button and tell me all about it, will you?


One thought on “Patterns and plans …

  1. Arvada

    I don’t really follow a regular schedule. I am retired and just work on what interests me each day.

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