Season’s Greetings…

… and just a few words about a recent pattern release are the subject of this post. I know how we all knitters squeeze time for some last-minute-gift knitting and so, I came up with a hat pattern that is perfectly suitable for the occasion: in fact, you can even use your stash leftovers and knit this “unisex” hat for you or your loved ones. Do you remember the famous scene from Gilmore Girls when Lorelai wakes up to the “smell of the snow”? Well, although I do not live in Stars Hollow (or anything like it) I always felt I could smell the snow, too.

In the rare occasions I ‘ve enjoyed snow falling in my life, I always experienced a feeling like “smell” and that’s why I had to make a hat that reminds me of this. The idea is to blend the colorways in a soft, easy way and slipped sts will do that for you. This is a “mindless knitting” pattern, so you can take your project with you and enjoy working a round or two. As I said, make use of your stash leftovers or buy some mini skeins to make this a multi-colored hat. Enjoy making and wearing it in health and joy!!!


Finally, I would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, health, love and inspiration always make our days happier!


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