Small projects…

…can give you lots of happy moments, can’t they? I’m sure you agree with me on that. I have been working on some little ones myself this past weekend, knitting for the holiday season, of course, but also having fun, playing with yarn … enjoying the colors… like those of my upcoming “surprise” pattern, which bears the name “Marble my Hat”…


I made my colorful yarn cake quite a few months ago, when I was going through some harsh moments, too tired to knit or work on a new pattern, attempting to feel better just by looking at these wonderful hand-dyed colors of the yarn. So, I combined a variegated yarn with solid colors and it was a huge success, at least to my eye!

“Marling” – that is knitting with  two or more strands of yarn in various colors held together- is actually a word that comes from “marbling” and refers to this colorful effect created by the random mix’n’match of the colors. I know it’s a hot trend these days, but I remember doing that (amongst other “contemporary” trends) as back as in the late ’80s and I wasn’t the only one, haha!

Well, it did! It worked in making me feel so much better afterwards (it’s really gratifying to see happy colors blend together) and thus, I came up with this rather easy-to-knit hat pattern. I just cast on and will spend this evening working on this small project that will probably end up under the Christmas tree! As for the pattern, well, that is a surprise that remains to be revealed, so, stay tuned!!!



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