5 years …

…is not a huge number, but it is a milestone when you are an independent knitwear designer, coming from a country barely traceable in the world map and trying to make a place among the thousands of remarkable designers who present their work on Ravelry!

Back in those days, when I announced my first pattern release, I faced the perplexed faces of some of knitters and yarn shop owners here in Greece, most of them unaware of the very existence of Ravelry, as well as ironic remarks from others who did know of it and were participating in various knitting groups but, probably, did not consider me bold enough to even go for it… Well, I did and, boy, am I happy that I just listened to my inner voice!


Today, five years day-by-day after my first pattern was published on Rav, I feel so rich and no, I am not referring to money: as I have been opening my path towards a place among Ravelry designers, I have learnt so much and in so many ways. What started as a whimsical adventure turned out to be such a wonderful challenge! I thought a decent .pdf and clearly written instructions were all I needed to do in order for my pattern to be published and so it is, but, a pattern with no projects, a pattern lost among the hundreds of thousands of patterns available, is a pattern with no life.


Thus, I found myself sharing on social media, blogging and studying online, purchasing online marketing courses that helped me realise how things work overseas and what I had to do to make my patterns stand out in a crowd. I also took classes on photo-shooting and bought some basic equipment, such as knitting/crochet design software and a camera and started connecting with designers I had always admired. Guess what… famous, distinguished knitwear designers are such kind, well-mannered, friendly people and not at all high and mighty as some would have expected them to be, no sir!


My biggest obstacle has been living in Greece, of course, so far away from the “knitting scene” and not having access to the wonderful, quality yarn my fellow Ravelers were accustomed to working with… so, I had to buy yarn (and tools) from eshops abroad, which really was limiting my chances… until I met TreLiz (another Greek “crazy woman” who also happens to pursue her dream of hand-dyeing gorgeous yarn) and it was like my prayers were all answered!


One collaboration led to another and here I am; proud to collaborate with Unfilodi, Sara Sol and several other international yarn brands ( details to be announced in the future) and happy, happy to have connected with so many wonderful people, knitters, test-knitters, dyers, yarn shop owners and fellow designers from all over the world! I feel so thankful for each and everyone of them and I feel inspired to pursue this wonderful knitting journey!


In order to celebrate these wonderful 5 years, I am offering 5 of my patterns for free until September 28, 2017! Just click on the link that will take you to them, download, knit and enjoy!!!



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