This is the pattern for …

the Ultimate Stashbuster Shawl!
Make space for new yarn goodies! Knit up these precious leftovers! Garter Stitch, a rather simple Slipped Stitch pattern and a modified Fishtail Lace motif (see? no hidden info here). The surprise is the sequence of colors as they follow each other and blend together in beauty.

I used some of my own precious yarn leftovers when I created this shawl and I did so in a rather free-spirit, stream-of-consciousness way. I followed my heart and decided to give pleasure to my eyes. You can do the same. Of course, you have the option of mini-skeins, in case you want to play safe
I like to knit dangerously and I embarked on this knitting adventure with 14 different colorways of fingering weight yarn (approx. 550-600m of yarn). Solids, semi-solids, speckled and variegated colorways are included. I created a triangular shawl, knit sideways, so that it can be easily modified to cater for your needs. You can knit either a larger or a smaller shawl, it’s up to your taste and to the size of your stash.
You will receive the .pdf with all the necessary info when you purchase the pattern. It will be automatically updated, once the pattern goes live on September 22, 2017 (Clue 1), then on September 29, 2017(Clue 2) and October 6 (Clue 3)
The MKAL has its own space in my Ravelry Group! Come on!!! Let’s have some serious knitting fun!!!

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