Sollux Hat is…

now up on Ravelry and I am so grateful to my wonderful test knitters for knitting such beautiful hats and giving me feedback on the pattern!

This pattern is part of a “Leftovers’ Challenge” series and it’s named after Sol=Sun in Spanish and Lux=Light in Latin. The two bright colors are, in fact, contrasting with the grey yarn that is Color A and it reminds me of the sunlight suddenly emerging from a cloudy sky. You can, of course, use the yarn of your choice and, yes, go ahead and surprise me with your color choices! Special thanks should be given to my wonderful test knitters, not only did they test the pattern but they provided me with lots of wonderful pictures of their hats!

Thank you, Paola Checcaglini, Gabriella Sallemi, Louisa Branch, Venere Boscaini, Karen Margrethe Ur-Rehman and Pam Perkins!!! This pattern would not have been released if it weren’t for you!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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