The Power Test-Knitters’ Club…

… is the new, exclusive FB group for those who wish to participate in test-knitting my patterns. If you are interested in participating in any of my testknits, please read the guidelines of the group and then, go ahead and apply for membership! There you are:

  • As you know, there are 2 kinds of test-knits: Public and Secret ones.
  • When the test is Public, you are expected to open an Ravelry project page and post pictures on Ravelry and other Social Media (please, use the hashtag #MariaZilakouDesigns).
  • When you participate in a Secret test-knit, you may not post any pictures anywhere on the Internet (this is very important).
  • Every time a new pattern is ready to be tested, you will receive an email from me with all the important details (deadline, yarn weight and yardage, etc). I usually accept as many test-knitters as possible, provided they answer my email within 5 working days.
  • I will expect you to finish the test within the time limits (usually 4-5 weeks depending on the difficulty of the project), but I know that you have got a lot in your hands (literally) so, if, for some reason, you cannot make it in time, just send me a message that you must drop out and I’ll understand.
  • Once you are chosen as a Test Knitter, you will be given a link to a Google Document. This is the pattern and it will be sent to you in parts (2 or more parts). I have found that it is easier for me to follow the test progress if you are given a pattern in parts and for you more convenient to schedule your time accordingly.
  • Every question should be posted in the FB group, so that all members can read my answer. Please, be hard on me!!!
  • You will probably spot some mistakes (that’s the point of testing, after all). Please, send me a personal FB message and I will check it and let the others know.
  • Please, stick to the pattern as much as you can! I like improvisations (in fact, I encourage them during my KALS) but, since this is about Test Knitting, you should follow the instructions as they are.
  • Natural light quality photos of the finished item are an absolute “must” for a successful test-knit! I’ll be looking forward to them!
  • I really appreciate the time and skills you are putting into this, so, I’ll do my best to compensate you for it: you will, of course, receive the final version of the pattern along with a coupon that will give you free access to another pattern of mine (your choice). There will also be some giveaways from time to time, so you may get to win some yarn, stich markers, books or gift cards as a token of my gratitude. Needless to say, I will also thank you publicly for being such a valuable help!the-power-test-knitters-club

10 thoughts on “The Power Test-Knitters’ Club…

  1. Joani Feiner

    I would love to be added to your test knitters list.
    FB-Joani Goldwasser Feiner.

    1. …and I would love to have you with us! Sorry for answering so much later, the messaage didn’t get to me but just now. Are you still interested> If so, please let me know, here, or, better yet on FB or Ravelry! Happy Monday!

  2. Murielle (lainedunord)

    Bonjour Maria,

    Je suis partante pour être testeuse !!!
    Je suis lainedunord sur ig et ravelry.

    Laisse moi un message sur ravelry si tu as encore une petite place dans ton club!!!


    1. Bonjour, Murielle, c’est pas trop tard pour repondre a ton message? Il parait que WordPress joue avec ma patience…Je viens de recevoir ce message juste maintenant, bien sur il y a toujours une place pour toi dans le club, dis-moi si i’ t’ interesse encore!

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