Never throw …

… these valuable yarn leftovers; instead, you can use them to create new small or larger knits.

If you are like me (which I’m almost sure you are) you keep your valuable leftovers stash somewhere in one or more boxes, in the hope that you will use some of it some day. Well, you know what? This day won’t come if you don’t make up your mind that this is it. You can then dive in your stash and pick up the above mentioned leftovers in order to knit something new and exciting.


You can use somebody else’s pattern (like I did, when I knit my Hidden Twist above) or create your own, based on the yardage and the colorways you have in hand, like I’m doing these days.

img_20170205_131532I carefully chose 3 colorways among my leftover yarn (Treliz Apollon base), two complementary and one contrasting color, took out my grid paper planner and started creating a stranded knitting pattern for a new hat, which will be a slouch, since I’ve got plenty of yarn in my hands.

IMG_20170207_111044 (1).jpg

As you can see, I have already gone through the (twisted) rib part and just got into the stranded colorwork phase. I’m sure I’ll add some other stitch pattern after that, but I have not decided about it yer. We’ll see! In the meantime, I’m enjoying the process!

What about you? Do you store your yarn leftovers or throw them away?



2 thoughts on “Never throw …

  1. Pam

    I love it Maria, the colors work so well together. I will have to try that idea. Still haven’t don any brioche, but I love the look, I am inspired.

    1. Brioche isn’t as complicated as it seems, Pam! I believe it just has an “intimidating” reputation, but a small project is always the best way to start, that’s why I recommend Chris Salas’ pattern. The 3 colored pattern I’m working on right now does not belong to the “Brioche” family, it’s just stranded colorwork with some textured stitch pattern to add some interest! I hope I ‘ll post more pictures of my wip during the weekend!

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