An Internet-less weekend…

…was just what I needed in order to focus on certain future projects and think about new blog post topics (of course, I say so now that everything is OK again, haha) and all that while knitting a beautiful brioche hat out of some awesome leftover yarn.


Well, the router broke down on Saturday afternoon and there was no way to fix this and/or buy a new one until Monday, so I had all this time to do some fun knitting (that’s what I call knitting  other designers’ patterns, when I just sit, relax and enjoy and do not have to edit, correct, etc, you know). So, I made myself a Hidden Twist, pattern by Christopher Salas, and I am really thrilled with the way it turned out, plus it was a really quick knit (being a hat) and a very spectacular one (being brioche). So, thank you, Chris, for another wonderful pattern, I loooove my new hat!!!

I used some wonderful Treliz yarn for my hat, yarn that was left over from some previous projects and that I loved too much to throw away, so, while I was knitting, I was thinking  (of course) about “Leftover” yarn projects, you know, those that make the best out of what’s left of your favourite yarn. I’ve already started working on a new hat pattern; it’s made up of 3 “Leftover” colorways. I’ll just post a picture of the yarn here and will tell you all about it in a future post: tips, instructions, etc.


What about you? What have you been doing this past weekend?


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