It seems…


…the flu has attacked a lot of us this winter and I must say I’m almost surprised I’m one of them… I guess that’s why it’s been so hard on me, ha? It’s already 10 days on antibiotics and inhalers and I’m feeling quite better, but, if you can take the hint, I couldn’t even think about knitting for some days… so, I hit the bed, did some binge-watching (thank God for Netflix) and got myself a Bullet Journal to doodle when not in fever… It really helped me keep my spirits up…


Let me tell you, THIS IS FUN and I’m known for my aversion to journals, calendars and the rest… I always found them pretty stressful, like a reminder that there is too little time to do so many things. Not this kind of journal, though. This one follows me and my plans and I get to have control over it. Love it.As you can see, I have already noted some special dates, the release of my Sarakatsana Shawl Pattern (this one will be for free for a some time) .

To mark the beginning of the recovery I baked us an apple pie today. Let us all have a sweet healthy month, full of happy moments!!! Fancy a bite?img_20170201_132718






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