Magari …

… is a shawl with a wishful name and a purpose. “Magari” is an Italian word (and the yarn I used for the prototype comes is hand-dyed by an Italian yarn artist, Sara Sol), but the “roots” of the word ‘magari” are 100% Greek, in fact we use the word exactly as it is, but for one letter: Makari=I hope it happens!
It was only natural for me to choose this word as the name of a shawl that reflects solidarity and the hope for a better future. In fact, I decided to donate 1 euro for each pattern purchased until February 28th, 2017, to the Italian Red Cross for the relief of the people who suffered during and after the eartquakes in Central Italy.
As always, this is a very relaxing project, meant to introduce you to some twisted sts knitting and with occasional yarn over to make it friendly to the novice knitters, yet interesting enough to the veterans among us. Choose a happy yarn and knit yourself a “Magari” shawl!


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