…has never been my strong point. Don’t get me wrong: I love sipping a cuppa, sitting comfortably in my favorite couch with a good Netflix series going on and some relaxing, new project on my needles on a cold, winter’s day. I do. But you can’t call that hibernating, can you? A new project is a new design, a new beginning, a new mystery to solve and that, my friend is a new action. I guess, I can’t help it; I love action, no matter how slow or peaceful it may be. Therefore, I found the time for some action to help me cope with the 2016-2017 Holiday Season.

These past holidays have not been particularly easy for me and my family, you know that, but we managed to go through the hard moments somehow. We also managed to enjoy some real, happy, family moments in the company of dear, dear, best friends who spent time with us and helped us keep the spirits up. I feel so grateful for friends not just the ones living near us but also those whom I have never even met in person, those living in other countries. I feel as if they live next door and I have good reasons for feeling that way.img_20170105_121155Messages, phone calls and carefully chosen gifts that travelled a long way are the proof that true friendship is always a comfort especially in such times. I felt really spoiled by my Italian friends, Paola and Sara, who took the trouble to prepare a delicious (in every sense of the word) box with special deli products and the most wonderful hand-dyed yarn; you know of course that Sara is an indie yarn dyer and we have already collaborated in two occasions.

img_20170105_121254I will be soon releasing a new pattern that will also serve a good cause and I hope that many, many knitters like it, for part of the price will be donated to the Red Cross for the relief of the people who suffered during the earthquakes in Umbria, Italy. I will post all about it, giving you more details in the near future.


Well, that sums up more or less this past month for me… Moments of sadness and moments of bliss, that’s how life works. How about you? How have you spent your holidays? Did you enjoy some knitting time? Any good book/movie/yarn that you would recommend? I really want to know, so, hit the “Comment” button and tell me all about it. I’m all ears or should I say “eyes”?

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